Elco Cleaning Services LLC

Affordable Landscaping Services

WEEKLY SERVICE PACKAGE: Starting at $50.00

Full Service Package

Starting at $50.00 This service includes mowing, trimming shrubs, de-weeding beds, leaf removal and removing lower limbs on trees.Note: We are not responsible for trees, cables, or ANY other items that are not protected. Please have all dog waste, toys, or any other debris picked up prior to your mow day.

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For all customers we have a flexible payment policy. Landscaping service can be paid in full before or after service is rendered (cash is preferred). 
Invoices will incur a 10% late fee if not paid before 30 days of the invoice date. Services will be put on hold for customers whose balance is less than the dollar amount equal to 2 services. 
A onetime clean up fee may be required before your lawn can be properly maintained.

10% Senior Citizen discounts availableWe also offer discounts for prepayment arrangements. 

Our commercial mowers allow us to give a quality cut in light to moderate rain for extended periods of time. In the event of constant heavy rains or thunderstorms, we will mow a day ahead or use Saturday as a makeup day.

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